I love Steam Punk.  Too often, however, those objects that would be Steam Punk are rendered so simply by the addition of baubles: a bit of brass here, an exposed gear there.  These decorative elements generally have nothing to do with the actual mechanism.

As you may notice, the clock does not read in the normal way.  The hour is determined simply by which hour marker is at the apex of the clock face.  The minutes are determined by the position of the minute hand relative to the clock face.  The clock face rotates to the left, while the minute hand rotates to the right.  (In case you’re wondering, this picture was taken at 6:45.)

I chose this deliberately obscure arrangement for a reason: it made the mechanism necessarily more complicated.  That, in turn, allowed me to have a number of visible components all of which are essential to the clock’s functioning.  Nothing is simply decorative.