Mounting individual pieces in precise physical relationships is a particularly difficult installation challenge. This is especially true if the work must be displayed on an unforgiving surface such as brick.

These works from the “Convex” series by Francie Hester needed to be arranged in a precise circle. Locating hangers on the backs of these aluminum arcs proved extremely difficult. We needed a way in which small adjustments could be made to these items after they were mounted. Note the vertical pieces to the left; they were installed using the same technique. You can see the results in a New York art gallery.

The image below shows a small easy-to-mount wooden disk with a steel cladding. The final image shows how three small magnets are mounted to each of the three 120-degree arcs that compose each piece. Once the small discs are located on the wall, the finished art work can be attached to the steel disks and fine adjustments can be made after the fact.