I just don’t even know what to say about these little guys but that they were vaguely disturbing and – for some reason – wildly popular.

They were designed for a study in which children’s classifications schemes would be observed.  Would the animals with wheels be treated as animals or vehicles?  Would the cars with legs be treated as vehicles or animals?  I never heard the results of the study.

All I know is that they were very time-consuming and tedious to make.  Unfortunately, word got out to other science centers about them, and they soon became the bane of my existence.  The price of success, I suppose.

True story: after having moved from Boston to Baltimore, I got a job at the Maryland Science Center. Soon after arriving, I walked into the education office only to see – sitting on someone’s desk – about a dozen of the critters I had made years before.  Not similar to the ones I had made, mind you – actual ones that I had made.  Apparently they, unlike African swallows, are migratory.