My graphic designer friend Emily Marsh (she of Sketchy Pixel fame) was having a showing of her graduate thesis project, so I flew back to Boston to help out.  Her thesis consisted of six cross-stitched depictions of actual news stories.

We were given three columns and six doors hanging from chains – that’s it.  I love situations like this. Having limited resources forces one to develop creative solutions that might otherwise have gone unconsidered.

The obvious place to start was to display one cross-stitch on each door, but where to go from there?

We decided to take advantage of the columns in order to display information about the project.  We used peg board with thick yarn to suggest large-scale cross-stitching.  In the left column, there was a tablet with a continuous loop of the actual news stories that served as subjects for the panels.

Finally, I decided it was worth the extra time to mount the informational panels at an angle so that they could be more easily read by someone looking at the works themselves.  I bought some hurricane straps, bent then at the desired angle, and used double-sided tape to stick them to the doors.