Named after the space in which it sits – The Children’s Discovery Center – this pint-sized boat is basically an elaborate way to display the Center’s marine samples. The Center’s manager approached me with a plan to build a display case, but she was adamant that it not be simply “another box”.

I came up with the idea of a submarine cross-section, but the budget argued for a boat, instead. So I built the boat with some pretty straight-forward carpentry and surrounded it with a blue Plexiglas sea in which to put the samples. It is arranged so that some of the more delicate samples are inaccessible to the visitors while others are available for touching.

I provided portals in the side so that kids could look from inside the boat into the display case. The pier pilings you see are there to hide the seam between the sheets of Plexiglas. On each side of the boat is equipment storage. In one bin you can see some miniature scuba equipment. I made the tank from an emptied fire extinguisher and machined the “regulator” from some scrap plastic.